Lalela Project Scarves

The LALELA Philanthropy Scarf from South Africa

Lalela provides educational arts for at-risk youth to spark creative thinking and awaken the entrepreneurial spirit.

THE LALELA SCARF Features inspiring designs from young artists and designers from their programs, THE LALELA SCARF is a beautiful way to show your support for life-changing art. 100% of the proceeds from each sale goes towards helping young innovators find their voice and overcome the narrative of poverty through the transformative power of arts education.


And “to listen” is at the heart of what Lalela Project does; by listening to children’s individual stories, and the communities’ needs, we can understand their challenges and in turn, provide creative solutions.


Happy Face

This artwork was created by Siphokazi from our Lalela program in Johannesburg. She lives in Tembisa, a large township in Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa. Siphokazi is 15. She wants to become a fashion designer when she finishes school. She has a great eye and sense of color, as we can see from this artwork!

60% Cotton, 40% Silk.

Watercolor Eye

This artwork was created by one of the thousands of students in our Lalela arts programs. This beautiful watercolor was created as a heart map, inviting the viewer into the heart of the creator. We can see that he wanted us to know that he has his eye on the prize of education and graduation and to move onto making a better life for himself.

60% Cotton, 40% Silk.

Dancing Ladies

This artwork was painted in the year that Lalela was founded, 2010. It has stayed with me all of these years. It was painted by Siolisie, then a student who has now grown into one of our lead art facilitators. He has taken over our programs in Masiphumelele Cape Town.  Lalela began in 2010 with 20 students, today we teach 5000. 

60% Cotton, 40% Silk.

Blue Suede Shoes

We showed Thatho’s painting at the Cape Town art fair. It was so well received that we decided to turn it into a scarf and offer it in 2 colors (yellow and blue). Thatho is 15, he lives in the township of Soweto and dreams of owning his own business and buying a house for his mom.

60% Cotton, 40% Silk.



The artists name is Tsholofelo, 14 years old, she lives in Soweto, a township in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her favorite color is pink and she loves Beyonce and Rihanna. Her dream is to finish school with high grades. This painting is of the artist in her school uniform.

60% Cotton, 40% Silk.

Patricia McFarlane